Spring in Corvallis- why wont my dang Wisteria bloom!!!


Somehow, I feel like we are going to pay for this amazing sunny spring we are having so far! Let’s hope it still rains from time to time this spring to keep Corvallis green.

My roses, camilia, daffodils, hydrangea and grass are going nuts! Then there is my wisteria. I have a mature wisteria (at least 15 years old) that hasn’t bloomed for the past couple summers (well it had one measly blossom). I am learning about shocking it into blooming or adding phosphorus to the soil, but still to no avail. All the while my neighbor’s wisteria is going crazy. Now, during the summer the thing takes over my front porch and I battle it constantly so it doesn’t take up residence under my shingles and siding. Sign. What to do? What do you all think, cut it out or wrestle with it longer to see if it will finally bloom some spring?

I guess I could have worse problems…. đŸ™‚

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